Health + Safety

applicable under the NZ Government Alert Level 2 (Delta) Restrictions

Under the current Covid-19 protection measures public gatherings are limited to 100 people. In light of this we will be conducting worship both physically and online via ZOOM.

Please see below the measures we will be implementing to ensure that health and safety considerations are being met.


To fulfil our contact tracing obligations please scan in with your phone or sign in physically on the register as you enter Church.  There will be an elder on duty who will be able to assist you with the physical register if you do not have a phone.


Masks are not mandatory during worship and singing, however you are welcome to wear one during worship if that is your preference.


Please be seated 2m apart while worshipping.  People who are in bubbles are able to be seated together.  A welcomer at the door will also give you a reminder prior to entering the Church.


Due to the shared nature of the pew bibles we will be removing them from public access so please bring your own bible on Sunday.


We will have an offering plate just inside the Church door for those who wish to leave an offering in cash.  We will not pass the plate around during the service.


When worship has concluded please leave without congregating in the gathering space.  This is one of our major risk factors if we have too many people gathering together it breaches the public distancing rules.

Morning Tea

We won’t be serving morning tea this Sunday.

Thank you for your understanding as we update and consider our response to the ongoing Covid situation.  Given the churches' public profile as a place of high risk of transmission, we are trying to find the right balance between our call to physically worship and the importance of protecting the health and welfare of everyone in Aotearoa as we seek to overcome Covid together.

We appreciate your understanding and commitment to these practices with us.

Peace be with you and see this Sunday - in person or on ZOOM!