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Khandallah Presbyterian parish has roots that can be traced back nearly 120 years.  


Scottish settlers arrived in the area around 1856 and records show that they held their earliest services in 1878 in private homes, then in a small community hall in Simla Crescent.

On 19 September 1893 Wellington Presbytery appointed the Rev H.B. Burnett to oversee church work in the Khandallah area, which at that time stretched from Johnsonville to Wadestown.  


Then in July 1897 they appointed a Session for a new parish called ‘Onslow’ which consisted of three separate congregations at Johnsonville, Khandallah and Wadestown.  Each worked towards establishing itself in its particular area and eventually each opened its own church building.  


The first building for Khandallah Presbyterian Church was opened at 38-44 Cockayne Road on 21 April 1902 and it is from this date that Khandallah parish celebrated its centennial on 19-21 April 2002.


A large site for a church in Ganges Road was purchased in 1919, but it was not until 1949 that the original church was moved from its site in Cockayne Road to the Ganges Road section.  


The present large brick building which seats a maximum of 450 was opened and dedicated on 5 December 1960.  It is well appointed with a splendid Croft pipe organ comprising fifteen ranks.  This was completely overhauled, refurbished and slightly extended in February 2001. 


With the opening of the new church, the old wooden building served as a hall. This was severly burnt on 14 March 1971 and the present complex was rebuilt and dedicated on 19 November 1973.  This continues to be well used as a meeting place by many community groups and ministry efforts alike.

On 21 July 1996 a Place of Remembrance located beside the church was dedicated.  Plots and commerorative plaques celebrate the lives of previous members of the congregation.

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