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Reflective Walk Instructions

Follow these prompts, or download a copy to take with you, on a journey that's your pace, your way, your time. We warmly welcome you to time this around the final station at KPC.

Arrive anytime between 12 noon and 3pm, Easter Saturday, to meet the cross in the carpark.

Before your walk

Make a cross to carry –it doesn’t have to be large –and you can choose to be as creative or simple as you wish. Alternatively, you may choose to bring some flowers with you as an offering of prayer and reflection.

If you are wanting to include the Cross in the KPC carpark please arrive there sometime between 12 noon and 3pm on Easter Saturday (30th March). Peace be with you this day.

Your Easter Saturday Walk with the Cross

Daily walks have become common for most people under our new normal, and you are invited to use your new normal walk to follow the Stations of the Cross on this Easter Saturday either alone or in your bubble.

Each station will require you to notice something in your walk, and reflect on it, before you move to the next station.

The invitation is to take your time and let God use this time to speak to you in a new, and yet very old, way. Take the cross or flowers with you, perhaps pop it in a pocket to let a little of it show, or pin it to your top. Have in mind to arrive at KPC for Station 8 as the last three stations will lead you to the foot of the cross in the KPC car park.

The Return Journey home: Jesus’ body is taken down from the cross

Joseph of Arimathea gave Jesus his own burial cave because Jesus didn’t have a place to be buried. Joseph was another one of Jesus’ friends who took a risk to help him.


As you walk home, and look at your local community, ask God how you might be able to offer what you have. What courageous risks might you be called to take, in order to benefit someone else in their time of need?


As you return homeward, remember the cross you made or the flowers you brought. The reminder of Jesus’ challenge to take up your cross and follow him.

Station 1. Jesus is condemned to death

Jesus was accused of many crimes he didn’t commit.


You are invited to notice the first person you pass ... What are the initial assumptions you make about him/her? Stay with that for a bit, before you pray for them... and as you pray, move past your assumptions, to reflect on how God might see that person. Let this challenge your first assumptions.

Station 3. Jesus falls the first time

Jesus was already badly wounded when he fell the first time. It must have hurt very much. Jesus got up and kept on going.


You are invited to reflect on a recent time you have failed –perhaps you failed to respond the way you would have liked to; perhaps you missed an opportunity for love. Take that moment and wrap it in God’s forgiveness –knowing there will be new opportunities. Take hope’s challenge to try again.

Station 5. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus

Simon didn’t come to help Jesus but to see what was going on. Then he was ordered by the soldiers to carry the cross, because Jesus was having such a hard time.


As you walk, take time to think about those people around you who you don’t really want to be there for. People you feel like you have to help. Offer these situations to God and ask God to create a willing heart within you.

Station 7. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

A lot of people were against Jesus, but a lot of people followed him. They were his faithful friends.


As you walk, think about the faithful friends you have. Give thanks for them. Is there someone God is asking you to be a faithful friend to?

Station 9. Jesus is crucified

The soldiers drove nails through Jesus’ hands and feet. They lifted up the cross and put it in place. Jesus was in a lot of pain.


Today we walk amidst a world where there is a lot of pain. Take some time to lift that pain to Jesus, who knows it more than we ever will.

Station 2. Jesus accepts the cross

The cross was big and heavy. It was hard for Jesus to carry it. Jesus carried the heavy cross without complaining once.


As you walk, remember the last time you complained –whether out loud or in your head. Remember what happened and how it made you feel. Now look at it again and look for something you can be thankful for within that experience.

Station 4. Jesus meets his mother

Jesus knew that his mother was really sad to see him suffering so much. But he must have been so pleased she came to him. Mary loved Jesus very much.


As you walk, remember your own mother. How has she been there for you in your own difficult journeys. Although not there for all of the journey, how does simply showing up make a difference. Take some time to be thankful for those who show up in the hard times because they love you.

Station 6. Jesus falls a second time

Jesus fell again because he was so weak and tired from all his wounds. He still didn’t give up. He got back up and continued on.


What is it that makes you feel tired or weak at the moment? What might give you the energy to keep going even when you feel like this? What is the most difficult task for you in this current situation? Might you ask someone for help? Might God be able to help?

Station 8. Jesus falls a third time

It’s incredible that Jesus fell again and the soldiers didn’t help him. They only yelled louder for him to get up and continue on. Jesus didn’t get mad at them; he forgave them.


Look at the ground you are walking on. Feel it hard under your feet and imagine the hurt of falling. When have you felt hurt and no one has seemed to notice? Has that left you holding a grudge? Take some time to sift through an experience of hurt and look for moments of forgiveness.

Station 10. Jesus dies on the cross

When Jesus died, the sky got dark and the ground started to shake. This made some people very scared.


We are in a time when there is a lot of fear and anxiety. The sky can seem very dark, and the ground beneath us that once felt secure seems to become very shaky. Recognise the anxiety that might be building within you and those around you. Reflect on ways that decrease this. You are invited to leave your flowers or cross here at Jesus’ cross - knowing that in Christ all things are made new. Talk to those around you later today about things that help you and ask others what they find useful.

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